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Willemieke started her dance training late in classical ballet terms. Growing up in Africa, the opportunities to take ballet classes were limited. Though dancing is very much a part of the African culture, ballet not so much. After coming back to The Netherlands Willemieke started her education at the Royal Academy of Dance, but her passion for teaching developed itself in Toronto Canada where the very first classes were taught. Soon after the first foundations were built to create her own dance and yoga school.

With an endless curiosity for other cultures and practices, Willemieke obtained her Masters in Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology. This curiosity also lead her to the path of yoga. Everything in yoga influenced her dance teaching and did so to such an extent that she decided to ‘break’ with the more traditional approaches of teaching ballet and recently completed her master’s degree in dance as well as studying yoga intensively under Baron Baptiste and Simon Park, deepening her practice and teaching methods around the principles of authenticity and free expression.

Recently Willemieke completed her biodymanic breathwork & trauma release training. Diving deeper into using connected breathing as a tool for natural expression and release. 

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